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WorldSaver Save money on international calls
change me!

WorldSaver makes it cheap and easy to stay in touch with friends and family, no matter where they live.
Call over 100 destinations from as little as 1p per minute.

  • High call quality
  • No subscriptions
  • No PINs
  • No contract
  • No need to set up an account
  • No need to change your telephone service provider

How does it work?
It's simple, just follow the two easy steps below, and that's it – you'll be connected!

Choose Your Destination
Please select the country you are calling to:
Simply dial the relevant access number followed by the number you want to call

For example to call France Mobile, choose France from Step 1, dial the 08712550255 France Cellular access number that is shown, followed by the full telephone number (including country code) you want to call e.g. 00 33 1 23 45 67 89, and you'll be connected!


From 1st July 2015 , all connected calls will consist of an access charge from your service provider plus a service charge for using the WorldSaver product. The service charge is the rate advertised on the website. Your service provider should show a service charge and an access charge on your bill.

Calls are charged from the moment you are connected to the WorldSaver service. [Your telephone service provider will show Service Charge and an Access Charge for all calls on your itemised bill.] All prices quoted are for customers using a BT residential line. If you are using a non BT residential line or your mobile to make calls, please check with your service provider for the cost of dialling any of our access numbers.

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