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How does WorldSaver work?

WorldSaver is a direct dial service that allows you to call directly to hundreds of international destinations at incredibly cheap rates from anywhere in the UK. You do not need to open an account, prepay or change your existing provider- just dial the access number and then enter the international number of your choice.

How do I use WorldSaver?

WorldSaver is very simple and easy to use, and will only take you a few seconds: Simply go to the WorldSaver UK home page, select the destination you want to call. Then dial the relevant access number and enter your full (including country and area code) destination number. That's all you have to do and you're connected!

Where can I use Worldsaver?

One of the advantages of WorldSaver is that you can use it from any phone, anywhere in the UK. Whether you are calling from a fixed line at home, the office, or a mobile. All you have to do is remember the WorldSaver access numbers, why not save time by storing it in your phone's memory.

You can use WorldSaver from your mobile phone. Please check with your mobile service provider as to how much you will be charged for making calls to our non-geographic access numbers.

Please check the website regularly to ensure you are using the most up to date numbers as we will pass on any price reductions to our customers by changing the access number.

How will I be billed for these cheap international calls?

Calls are charged per minute from the moment you connect to the WorldSaver service, and all calls made from a BT line are subject to a 7p including VAT connection charge, this charge may vary for other telephone service providers. All charges for calls to our access numbers will appear on your normal phone bill from your telephone provider. You will not receive a bill from us.

For example, if you make a 10 minute call to Poland from a BT phone via access number 08430070007, charged at 1p per minute, your BT bill will show a call to our 08430070007 number, a duration of 10 minutes, and this will be a charge of 10 min x 1p = 10p, plus a connection charge of 7p including VAT, this would show a total charge of 17p for the call. All prices quoted above are from a BT line, call charges may vary depending on your service provider, please check the charges with your provider.

Are there any subscription, registration or any other fees?

There are no additional charges with WorldSaver, you only pay the access number charges, and the connection charge. There is no registration required, no hidden fees, no commitment, and a credit card is not required.

Are there peak and off peak rates?

There are no peak or off peak rates. WorldSaver rates are simple and easy to remember - you are charged the same competitive rate at all times, regardless of when you call.

Where can I find a list of charges for each country?

Please go to our home page and select the country you want to call, the charges to the destinations and corresponding access numbers will then be displayed. This will be your price per minute for calling your chosen destination using the access number listed. The price is shown per minute, and includes VAT and the cost of the international call. Prices are based on BT rates. If you have a different telephone provider please check with your provider the applicable rates before using WorldSaver access numbers

Why has the access number changed?

Worldsaver access numbers are attached to fixed rates and it is our goal to provide you with the lowest rate possible for all destinations whenever possible. In order to pass on these price changes, negotiated by our global purchasing teams, to our customers it is necessary to change the access numbers.

How do I contact customer services?

You can contact customer services by emailing to

* access is not available from some payphones

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